3 Ways on How to Improve Your Company Culture

Apart from a six figure salary and a great company match on their retirement plans, company culture is another big factor that makes an employee happy. Nobody wants to get side glances from the co-workers, reporting to the bosses who are constantly breathing down your neck, or wearing uniform these days. Employees are now aware that they are spending 1/3rd of their lives working, and no one wants to make it miserable. This is why it is important to consider the company culture. Here is how you can make your company culture more fun and tolerable, according to the Human Capital Consuting experts.

  1. Offer chances for continued learning

It is a common myth that if you are investing in employee’s professional development, you are just training them for a better job outside of your company. Researchers claim that employees who received poor training and limited chances for development will leave their job in 5 years. Job seekers are more concerned with chances of learning and development than any other aspect.

  1. Create a flexible work environment to attract potential candidates

It may deem a challenge but if you focus on employee results, it may help you get the most productive levels from the happiest employees. No matter what age, career or life stage, everyone prefers flexible work options. Researchers claim that employees prefer flexible work options because it helps in saving time, reduced commute stress and cost savings.

  1. Make work fun

The best practice is to evaluate the workplace morale. If it is suffering, make the break fun that can lift spirits and boosts success. Give your team an opportunity to enjoy themselves. This helps in creating a friendlier, happier and a healthier work environment. You don’t have to waste money on parties or gifts. Just small breaks and team building activities will add life to the boring workplace. They also help in eliminating the burnout and increase the creativity. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Invest in tickets to the opening of a blockbuster movie. Allot a half day to all employees or take 3 hours out in the middle of the day to enjoy the movie.
  2. Plan an hour a month for some recreational games and pizza. Nobody hates free food and it is a chance to have fun by playing games to get along better, eliminating the stress.

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